• 15.10.

    Stellaris 3.2 will introduce new anomalies and a new ship browser

    15.10.2021 18:38 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    As the Stellaris development team continues working on November's 2.3 update, the team is also highlighting more changes coming to the patch. Today's dev diary goes through some new features and content, such as a civic that's inspired by high fantasy elves that didn't make it in time for the 3.1 patch. It's called 'Pompous Purists' and is for xeno...
  • 14.10.

    Stellaris Dev Diary #228 - New Content and Features in 3.2

    14.10.2021 13:17 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/37ea3518104a83a6530484c37664f7cedfaeb426.png written by grekulf Hello everyone! For today’s dev diary we’ll be talking a little bit about a new wave of changes coming in the upcoming 3.2 update. 3.2 will feature some new content and features, some of which didn’t make it into 3.1, and some of which are new. The reason
  • 07.10.

    Stellaris' November update will make the AI better with money

    07.10.2021 18:44 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    We know that grand strategy game Stellaris is getting a new update every three months now, with the next one scheduled for November at the time of writing. While it's already been stated that patch 3.2 will be a bit tamer than the recent 3.1 'Lem' update, it will at least come with some significant updates to AI behavior. This week's developer diar...

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