• 16.07.

    Update 15.1 Hotfix | Changelog

    16.07.2024 11:59 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Hello everyone, Update 15.1 Hotfix is now live on all platforms! Thanks for your patience whilst we actioned your feedback over the past week. We’ve made some changes to the UI, which shipped with some unintended oddities and bugs. We’re listening to your feedback and have unlocked the Mortain: Operation Lüttich Units DLC for use on all applicable
  • 10.07.

    Addressing Update 15.1 Feedback

    10.07.2024 18:26 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Hello everyone, Thank you for providing useful, actionable feedback on Update 15.1. This update didn’t meet our expectations and surfaced issues that we’re actively working on addressing. Despite our best efforts, we don’t always get things right. But we’re learning from these situations and listening to your feedback. The Mortain: Operation
  • 04.07.

    Update 15.1 Changelog | Now Live

    04.07.2024 11:59 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Hello everyone, Update 15.1 is live on all platforms! This update includes a Night variant for Utah Beach, an Omaha Dusk variant; and new Control Skirmish variants for Carentan and Sainte-Mère-Église. The team has also worked on player onboarding enhancements to streamline your experience when learning about the inner workings of Hell Let Loose. We...

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