• 28.03.

    PTE Update 15 | Live For Testing!

    28.03.2024 15:00 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Update 15.0 PTE {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/34012997/6440772bf1ff35fa2fcf84905dfa38490dbb8625.png Hello everyone, And welcome to the Update 15.0 PTE, this PTE will be running throughout the weekend and we’re looking forward to getting your input on some of the content we’ve been working on listed below. Update 15.0 Content: New Map: Mortain - Warfare, Offen...
  • 21.03.

    Patch 14.8 Hotfix | Now Live!

    21.03.2024 12:02 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Hello everyone, We've just deployed a hotfix to address some issues that surfaced with Patch 14.8. Please see the changelog below. We're continuing to work on Update 15, and are currently looking at scheduling in Mortain PTE 2. We'll share more news on that next week! Thank you for your continued feedback and support. Patch 14.8 Hotfix Changelog Ge...
  • 29.02.

    British Forces Rework Part 2 - Now Live! | Dev Brief #199

    29.02.2024 11:59 Uhr   Hell Let Loose | Steam

    Hello everyone, Patch 14.8 – British Forces Rework Part 2 and the launch of Skirmish, is now live on all platforms. This update completes the British rework phase of development. We decided to expand on the initial release of the British forces last year following a swath of valuable feedback. After two content updates comprising overhauls, we feel...

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