• 26.11.

    Update 0.25L, new torpedo type!

    26.11.2021 19:50 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello everyone! This week we have released version 0.25L to the beta branch. This update contains the new torpedo type (T1), a new torpedo reloading interface, as well as some bug fixes. Torpedoes are no longer reloaded automatically, since there are multiple torpedo types and speeds to choose from. To reload a torpedo, use the TDC and click the st...
  • 06.08.

    Update 0.25, 'Water' is LIVE!

    06.08.2021 16:51 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello fellow submerged sailors! The day is here! Update 0.25 is now live on a new public beta branch (detailed instructions on how to access the beta branch can be found below). This update includes the new water, an improved sky and a new character controller. We know this update has been a long time coming, it is the result of a ton of work over ...
  • 09.04.

    Development update 9/4/2021

    09.04.2021 20:24 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello everyone! It has been some time since the last update to the game, and so naturally, people have started to wonder if development has stopped, or if we are low on funds. We want to assure you that everything is proceeding as normal. We are all still working 100% on the game, and we are happy to announce that 2 new developer’s joined the proje...

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