• 30.11.

    YouTube Channel Update

    30.11.2023 14:37 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    We have an important update to share regarding our YouTube channel. Regrettably, our YouTube channel was unexpectedly removed by Google for reasons unknown to us. We suspect it may be related to our content triggering automated filters. Despite our efforts to contact Google and resolve this issue, we have not received any response. In light of this...
  • 09.11.

    Changes to Community Event Notices

    09.11.2023 15:32 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello! We've listened to your feedback regarding community event announcements. We're committed to providing a space for community-organized events while ensuring we don't inundate you with constant updates. Moving forward, we will consolidate our announcements. Instead of posting individual event notices, we'll create a monthly roundup of upcoming...
  • 06.11.

    Torpedo Thursday

    06.11.2023 00:00 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Community events are organised by the Wolfpack Community, please remember to keep to the Wolfpack Community standards to ensure everyone has a good time! For more information, please join the Wolfpack Community Discord. Event Host Colonel Frost Event Host Notes This is a regular community-organized event open to the general population of Wolfpack p...

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