• 07.10.

    The Last Campfire - OUT NOW!

    07.10.2021 18:30 Uhr   No Man's Sky | Steam

    Hello, Whilst the No Man's Sky team is busily working on some upcoming surprises, we do have some exciting news from Hello Games. We are delighted to let you know The Last Campfire releases on Steam today. There's a demo you can play if you want to try it out, or please wishlist if you want to play in future. The Last Campfire been a huge undertaki...
  • 06.10.

    No Man's Sky's latest Expedition is a great re-introduction to five years of updates

    06.10.2021 13:00 Uhr   No Man's Sky | Steam

    Do you, like me, find yourself firing up No Man's Sky with giddy enthusiasm with every new update, eager to sample Hello Games' latest delights, only to become immediately overwhelmed, prod a few things hesitantly, then turn it off half an hour later clouded in an air of bewilderment? Then allow me to introduce you to No Man's Sky's latest Expediti...
  • 01.10.

    The Last Campfire launches on Steam next week. Play the Free Demo Today!

    01.10.2021 16:37 Uhr   No Man's Sky | Steam

    Hello! We know that many of you follow us here exclusively for No Man's Sky, and we have been so pleased to see the reaction to Frontiers and the Cartographers Expedition in the last couple of weeks, but I hope you don't mind us sharing a little news about another game of ours. We're pleased to announce that The Last Campfire will be showcased at t...

No Man's Sky im Stosstrupp Steiner


In No Man's Sky erkundet der Spieler eine prozedural generierte Spielwelt, die aus 18 Trillionen Planeten besteht. Auf den Planeten können Rohstoffe abgebaut und mit speziellen Techniken weiterverarbeitet werden, um Basen aufzubauen oder spezielle Technologien herzustellen. Dem Spieler stehen Raumschiffe und Landfahrzeuge zur Verfügung, um den Planeten in der Luft, am Boden oder auch unter Wasser zu erforschen.
Eine Storyline gibt es auch, die parallel bei der Erforschung des Weltraums gespielt werden kann.

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