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  • Squad Update 6 Heute ab ca 17 Uhr!

    26.05.2016 09:38 Uhr


    Endlich kommt das Update Nr. 6. Leider ist es  noch nicht das Update mit den Fahrzeugen, das kommt hoffentlich mit dem kommenden Update.


    Die wichtigsten Neuerungen im Überblick:

    • Es gibt eine neue Map und die eine oder andere ältere Map wurde um Gebiete Erweitert. Fools Road z. B. erhielt einen neuen unterirdischen Bunkerbereich.
    • Es gibt nun ein schweres MG als erbaubare Verteidigungsstellung.
    • Bäume und Sträucher werden nun von den Spielern weg gedrückt und sind nicht mehr Objekte ohne Kollisionskontrole.






    Full Changelog


    • Deployables now no longer can be stacked one on top of the other
    • Decreased Construction point and Ammo point income on FOBs
    • Increased time necessary to take down a friendly FOB
    • Tweaked recoil on some weapons
    • Stamina now stops recharging while falling or jumping
    • Insurgency tweaks. Minimum cache distance is now 300m on 2k maps and 400m on 4k maps, Insurgents now loose tickets if they get killed and there is a high but finite number of insurgent tickets (500 tickets) as a secondary win condition (make FOB placement and medics a little bit relevant again)
    • Tweaked minimum arming range on rocket projectiles
    • Speed up the time it takes to show the nametags above peoples head
    • Smoke grenades no longer kill you with direct hits
    • You can no longer focus while moving (within reason, there is a small velocity buffer)
    • Updated recoil zoom modifier on ACOGs


    • Added Foliage bending on some maps, partial implementation at this stage
    • Fixed an issue with soldiers standing when dead if you connect to a server with a game already in progress.
    • Fixed weapon disappearing after using medic bag or field dressings.
    • Fixed a number of crashes related to VOIP
    • Added LODs to the soldier skeletons, improved performance on the animation-side when rendering multiple characters at a distance on screen
    • Added Low Quality Sounds, which should help some AMD CPU users who are having stuttering issues related to sounds.
    • Fixed issues with grenades exploding too late when you are dead
    • Fixed a bug in AAS where lattice links would incorrectly look the wrong direction when looking for home links (fixes a potential locked in main situation).
    • Mains now always contest their neighbors in AAS, which should prevent potential locked-in-main situations
    • Fixed a PAAS issue where too many flags could be contested.
    • Fixed an issue when leaning and sprinting while wounded would get the player stuck in that state
    • Fixed an issue while jumping out of gun while holding fire allowed you to jump in the gun and fire without pressing a button.
    • Tweaked MP443 pistols hit detection settings
    • Fixed an issue where players are using more field dressings than are in their inventory
    • Fixed players being able to spawn on other squads rally points when changing squad
    • Adjusted projectiles so they overlap instead of block on water collisions, causing projectiles to now enter water
    • Fixed weapon reloading desyncing between clients
    • Fixed return to origin of the weapon reload being too slow/fast/various times
    • Fixed an issue where the field dressings and medic bags would dissapear on weapon switch.
    • Fixed enemies markers occasionally being visible during the first moments when you join a server
    • Fixed some cases where the server list was not updating properly
    • Fixed suppression effects not firing off under certain hit detection conditions
    • Reworked code for healing yourself and someone else. This should prevent you from healing yourself and someone else at the same time with the medic bag
    • Updated scalability to force distance field shadows on all graphics settings
    • Fixed grenades from showing unequipping animation when there are no grenades left
    • Fixed grenades not showing 1p and 3p in Listen Servers
    • Fixed Shovel and patches being displayed below player
    • NetUpdateRate optimizations. All spawn points down from 100 to 1, FOB spawns from 100 to 10, CameraMan from 100 to 10
    • Improved performance on shovels, they now use a timer instead of ticking and only tick the timer when they are equipped
    • Prevent reloading if your input is disabled. This prevents a bug that is caused by deploying and reloading at the same time
    • All weapons now only tick when they are equipped, and unequipped network update rates have been drastically decreased


    • Server Browser no longer kicks you back to main with a server full message after you have completely loaded the map, instead you should see this message pop up within a few seconds of trying to join a server.
    • Updated inventory slider, you can now disable auto switching between weapons as well as confirm and cancel weapon switches that are only still highlighted in the UI.
    • Fixed Purple smoke grenades having blue UI icon
    • Optimised the Main Menu UI
    • Optimised the in-game HUD
    • Fixed Squad Leader icon number disappearing when he goes incapacitated
    • Simplified the code for and added more validity checking to the team switch confirmation widget
    • Fixed an issue where multiple toasts could crash the game due to incorrect garbage collection safety
    • Fixed Tickets not always showing at rounds end
    • Fixed an issue where overlapping Capture Zones would cause the capture widget to not show while you were in a capture zone.
    • Fixed Sergeant Chevrons and Squad Leader Number overlapping
    • Fixed the map timer not always showing the text in the correct format
    • Fixed an issue where the Map Timer would desync between server and client
    • Fixed keyboard not getting automatic focus on password dialog box when entering passworded servers
    • Updated Minimaps on all maps to show fields, bodies of water, gameplay boundaries and also a distance scale
    • Fixed toast messages being cut off by a smaller than normal dialogue box
    • Fixed Fools Road and Sumari minimaps being out of alignment
    • Updated Militia and Russian faction radial menu to use the Russian radio instead of US or INS
    • Added map icon for HMGs


    • Added Sound collisions to most passable vegetation, as you move through foliage you will make a noticeable sound
    • Modified bullet hit dirt sounds
    • Updated main menu music
    • Added reverb volumes in tunnels on Fools Road
    • Fixed attenuation and increased volume on healing sounds.
    • Added Bleeding and Wounded/Incap EQ filters that adjust based upon your health.
    • Modified SVD fire sounds
    • Modified default M4 fire sounds to later fit for dynamic reflections
    • Fix to crack flyby sounds


    • Improved LODs on various static props
    • Added window bar props to various maps
    • Added water interactivity, collisions and impact effects by the player, small arms and explosives
    • Fixed corrugated metal fences and scrap with double sided geometry settings
    • Updated metal fences and log trenches to have proper materials and impact effects
    • Overhauled bullet impacts on Dirt to use new gpu debris and random dust animations
    • Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not rendering at far distances
    • Fixed Smoke Grenade effects not always colliding with the surrounding environment
    • Fixed tracer rounds showing too close or behind the gun barrels.
    • Fixed several physmats having wrong footstep dirt effect, causing weird excessive foot fx on plastic, rubber etc.
    • Added small working tool props as map decoration
    • Relocated all shell ejection sockets to their right position, and improved the visual look of them spinning out of the ejection port
    • Resized dirt bullet hits and improved random dirt animations
    • Updated blast shockwaves relevant to dirt, grass and wood
    • Fixed hescos disappearing at a distance
    • Added small bulletholes for Makarov and other 9mm pistols
    • Fixed RPG7 low quality geometry sight being mis-aligned
    • Fixed misaligned rocket on the RPG7 during the reload
    • Adjusted Particle Bounds of RPG7 rocket concrete explosion


    • Fixed issue where you could get stuck under the hopper car on Fools Road
    • Fixed issue where you could use prone to get into the pipe on the gas silo Fools Road/First Light
    • Fixed Op First Light warehouse door collisions from being borked
    • Updated lighting on all maps
    • Added more cache locations that are outside of buildings
    • Fixed players falling through mine roof on Fools Road
    • Fixed players spawning on the hesco bunker roof on Fools Road
    • Updated playable boundaries on a number of maps
    • Updated max tickets for BLUFOR on Logar Insurgency
    • Added Chora Insurgency Layer
    • Added Sumari Insurgency Layer
    • Updated cap zone names for some maps
    • Ambient sound fixes on Gorodok, Logar and Firing Range maps.


    • Added RCON Server plugin
    • Added map icon for admin cam
    • Fixed crashing on Admin-Camera as soon as you reload your weapon
    • Fix for crash caused by jumping in admin cam while reloading on listen server and non-networked games.
    • AdminRestartMatch command should now restart the map and stay on the same level

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