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  • Undead Legacy (7D2D) Server mit neuer Spielversion online

    07.11.2022 14:27 Uhr

    Unser Undead Legacy (7D2D) Server läuft nun mit der Spielversion A20.6 b9 und dem Mod Undead Legacy 2.6.14.

    Patch Notes:
    - Changed Chicken Coop and Apiary max noise distances to not exceed 32 blocks
    - Changed multiple colliders for Minivan block to a single simple mesh collider
    - Changed Connect to IP Dialog UI
    - Changed picking up lights with charges giving back unburnt fuel items
    - Changed vehicles to not show up on spawn menu
    - Updated German and Russian localization
    - Updated run_bepinex and run_bepinex_server script with suggested #!/bin/bash edit
    - Increased chances for finding Lockpicks in loot
    - Fixed Signed Cloth Sack not rendering text
    - Fixed Scorpions sometimes sliding around before initiating the walk animation
    - Fixed Scorpions not showing Shocked Buff particle effect
    - Fixed Scorpions not triggering Electric Fences
    - Fixed Scorpions not ragdolling
    - Fixed Blood, Frostbite and Scorched Scorpions having rad-regen buff
    - Fixed Iron Arrowheads not recycling
    - Fixed Modern House 18 POI having cntCar03Sedan instead of Cars Random Helper
    - Fixed poison level from scorpions not resetting after death
    - Fixed helicopters not being able to fly high enough to climb over mountains
    - Fixed incorrect localization for spear descriptions
    - Fixed outdated English localization for researchSystemTip
    - Fixed typo in perkRangersCompleteLongDesc English localization
    - Fixed SUV_Collider mesh read/write issue
    - Fixed R-90 SMG Idle and Fire animations missing default rotation state parameters
    - Fixed mining book series completion perk not affecting Jackhammer and Valkyrie Drill
    - Fixed inpActDebugGameEventName missing English localization
    - Fixed Long Double Barrel Shotgun Reflex Sights mesh and position
    - Fixed unable to scroll through vehicle inventory using a controller
    - Fixed one spawned car falling through the floor in Carl's Cars POI

    Mod Download:

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