• 13.04.

    Version 0.15 beta

    13.04.2019 20:05 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Version 0.15 is now available in beta mode. To access it, go to your Steam Library and right click Wolfpack. Select Properties, and then Betas. Select Beta. Wait for the download and start playing. Version 0.15 will be moved to the default branch in a few days.
  • 15.03.

    Wolfpack is now available on Steam!

    15.03.2019 16:41 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Wolfpack is now available on Steam! Thank you all for supporting the project! We appreciate all the help we can get spreading the word, so please tell your friends! Best regards, Oscar and Einar, Wolfpack Dev Team Website/presski...
  • 13.03.

    Wolfpack Roadmap and Tutorial Videos!

    13.03.2019 16:13 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello everyone, Wolfpack will be released on Friday! We put this roadmap together to give you an idea of what's next in the development. We also published a series of video tutorials on our YouTube channel. More videos will be ad...

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