• 02.07.

    Version 0.18

    02.07.2019 17:57 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Version 0.18 is here! This version contains major updates to the map tools. We’re taking a break during July, but we’ll be back to work on the bots in August. Patch notes: Right mouse button now closes recognition manual. Fixed bug where the the notes section closes when typing c. Torpedo gyro is now activated after 200 meters. Fixed bug in tutoria...
  • 04.06.

    Version 0.16

    04.06.2019 16:31 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Version 0.16 is now available. The update features a training mission illustrating the in-game mechanics of the torpedo data computer. The training mission gives you the option to observe the calculated torpedo trajectory, as well as the distance, speed and angle on bow of the target. The targets are represented by blue triangles. The semi-transpar...
  • 13.04.

    Version 0.15 beta

    13.04.2019 20:05 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Version 0.15 is now available in beta mode. To access it, go to your Steam Library and right click Wolfpack. Select Properties, and then Betas. Select Beta. Wait for the download and start playing. Version 0.15 will be moved to the default branch in a few days.

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