• 08.05.

    In-game voice chat

    08.05.2020 17:20 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello everyone! This week we are releasing patch 0.23. This patch includes in-game voice chat, and a number of bug fixes. Settings for the microphone and voice volume can be found in the options menu under Audio options. The push to talk key button can be bound in the key bindings menu. In the game lobby, the host can choose if the game should be p...
  • 10.04.

    Patch 0.22e

    10.04.2020 13:48 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    Hello everyone! This week we have worked on the radio, and fixed some bugs. The new patch adds rebindable hotkeys for sending morse, and in game notepads for plain and cipher text. The patch also adds four rebindable iambic hotkeys. These will allow the player to send perfectly spaced dots and dashes. This patch also addresses some AI bugs that wer...
  • 03.04.

    The Flare Path: A2Z

    03.04.2020 14:00 Uhr   Wolfpack | Steam

    A is for Alphabetised wargame and sim news. Every four weeks or so I hang up a streamer of industrial strength fly paper in The Flare Path water closet and see what wargame and simulation news items stick to it. Below is this month’s bag – 25 stories involving virtual vehicles and surrogate slaughter. If you’ve visited

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