• 12.09.

    Stellaris Dev Diary #154 - UX Design in Stellaris

    12.09.2019 13:35 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Hello all, this is Hildor Anduv, the UX Designer on Stellaris. I’ve been with the team since December, and have really enjoyed working on such a great game. With my first Dev Diary I’m going to be sharing how I have been approaching UX Design on Stellaris. Disclaimer: We're not quite ready to announce our plans just yet (we're saving that for the
  • 29.08.

    Stellaris Dev Diary #153 - Empire Sprawl Administrative Capacity

    29.08.2019 13:05 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Hello everyone! We’re back with yet another dev diary to showcase some more fruits of summer experimentation. As with the previous dev diary, this involved a lot of work carried out during the summer and involves something I’ve wanted to explore for a good while now. Today we’ll be talking about empire sprawl and administrative capacity. Do note
  • 15.08.

    Stellaris Dev Diary #152 - Summer Experimentation

    15.08.2019 13:16 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/8e900f198df878d6d2da28ae16f870d947f297cd.jpg Hello everyone! Summer vacations are reaching their end and most of the team is back as of last week. Work has started again and we're really excited for what we have in store for the rest of the year. While most of us have been away during most of the summer, we’ve also had so...

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