• 26.06.

    Stellaris Summer Update

    26.06.2020 16:32 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/cf85d56252c291b3ce37477ac4568e5b491d6b68.jpg Hello everyone! Although challenging, we’ve had a great start to the year. The launch of Federations was a huge success for us as a game and we passed 3 million base game copies sold in March. The 2.7 Anniversary Update gave us an opportunity to add some game features that timi...
  • 08.06.

    Pocket Gamer Connects' Big Screen Gaming event returns - here's what's in store

    08.06.2020 12:49 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Following the debut of the PC gaming track, Big Screen Gaming, at Pocket Gamer Connects London 2020 earlier this year, the event will feature once again at this week's Pocket Gamer Digital show, which is live right now. The Big Screen Gaming section, which also explores developing and publishing in the console, streaming, and XR spaces, has got a h...
  • 03.06.

    Paradox set to sign collective agreement with unions

    03.06.2020 18:21 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Paradox Interactive, the makers of Crusader Kings and Stellaris, have announced the “impending completion” of a collective bargaining agreement with the labour unions for its employees in Sweden. By the end of this month, Paradox employees should have a formal way of influencing their pay, benefits and responsibilities, and be general...

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