• 16.05.

    Relics Relic Worlds

    16.05.2019 13:30 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Hello everyone, we have a new Dev Diary from grekulf! As most of you probably know, the next upcoming DLC for Stellaris will be the Ancient Relics Story Pack. Last week I also promised I would show something awesome, by which I me...
  • 15.05.

    Stellaris unveils new archaeology themed Ancient Relics story pack DLC

    15.05.2019 01:53 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    Paradox Interactive has unveiled a brand-new story pack for its wonderful sci-fi strategy title Stellaris. It's called Ancient Relics, and is scheduled to arrive on PC and Mac "soon". Stellaris' story packs have historically foregone the major features seen in flagship expansions, and have instead sought to enrich the experience through deeper lore...
  • 14.05.

    Stellaris: Ancient Relics DLC belongs in a spacemuseum

    14.05.2019 18:25 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    The far future will rummage in the distant past in the next Stellaris, named Ancient Relics, as spacemen develop a new fondness for archaeology and go wild digging up ancient cities and ships from long-dead civilisations. Sure, that sounds like it’ll go fine. We’ll uncover wee stories poking into two long-dead precursors–a plant...

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