• 11.07.

    2.3.3 Patch Live Release

    11.07.2019 14:12 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/17cc062119bf82de1df88777a9bc8aff5fec1850.jpg Hello everyone! We're ready to announce that we're releasing 2.3.3 with a few extra fixes as a live build before going on vacations. Below you'll find the traditional patch notes, with the extra fixes since the beta in underlined text. We hope you enjoy the balances, tweaks and...
  • 04.07.

    Stellaris Dev Diary #151 - 2.3.3 beta patch [checksum 35d6]

    04.07.2019 15:37 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/95b65cde7edccf964e47b8b3baef317c58974503.png Hello everyone! We’ve been working on the 2.3.3 patch, but before we put anything live we will release it as a beta version as usual. To try the beta, right-click Stellaris in your Steam Library and select Properties. In the BETAS tab there should be a drop down list where you
  • 18.06.

    2.3.2 Patch Released

    18.06.2019 15:36 Uhr   Stellaris | Steam

    {STEAM_CLAN_IMAGE}/9703436/a99e802c9c06a974904c31c2fe0f7bd0dabef4c0.jpg Hey everyone! With a weekend of beta testing on 2.3.2 behind us, it is now fully live. We're going to keep working on 2.3.x, in particular we are aware of some issues with presapients, overflows, and an energy deficit bug. We'll get fixes for those out as soon as we can, but gi...

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