Forum Heroes & Generals Update 1.13 - Stronghold
  • Update 1.13 - Stronghold

    11.12.2018 09:21 Uhr

    Das neue Heroes and Generals Update beinhaltet die schweren Panzerjäger:

    New Game Additions

    • New map “Krepost” – Eastern European encounter around a large stronghold.
    • Three new Heavy Tankdestroyers
      • US M36 Jackson
      • German PanzerJäger V Jagdpanther
      • Soviet SU-100
    • New Heavy Tank Destroyer Assault Team
    • We changed our logo to “Heroes & Generals WWII” and refreshed our Key Art


    • Updated iron-sight recoil animations, it is now easier to shoot and maintain aim for hand weapons
    • The recoil animations now moves the camera to the “after recoil”-position significantly faster
    • Faction resource overview is now tall enough to show all resources
    • The matchmaking’s war section now shows “Matchmaker can select any map” instead of images for all maps
    • The matchmaking’s war section now shows maps on 2 rows to accommodate room for more maps
    • Updated and improved wall textures and shaders for Eastern European terrain house models

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