Forum Heroes & Generals 1.15.2 - QUALITY OF LIFE
  • 1.15.2 - QUALITY OF LIFE

    27.08.2019 11:28 Uhr

    Das neue Heroes and Generals Update bringt die neue "Career Specialization" und einige neue Effekte ins Spiel.

    Career Specialization

    New Effects & Performance Optimizations

    • New Muzzle Flashes
    • New Explosion Effects
    • Tracer Effects
    • Tank Ammunition Effects
    • New Impact Effects for All Tank AP Rounds (except 20mm)


    • Players will no longer die if exiting a vehicle at high speed (Does not apply to planes)
    • Added new decals to the SdKfz 251
    • Added new Limited Edition ‘Red Sample’ Skins to FOCKE-WULF FW 190 D9 – “LONG NOSE DORA”