Forum Heroes & Generals 1.14 NEW TANK vs TANK GAME MODE

    27.03.2019 10:48 Uhr

    Das neue Heroes and Generals Update beinhaltet eine neue Karten, den neuen Tank vs Tank Spielmodus und einige weitere Besserungen:

    New Map: Lunéville map

    New Game Modes

    1. Capture & Hold Tank – Tank vs Tank mode with AI Infantry
    2. Capture & Hold Infantry – Infantry only mode
    3. Assault Infantry – Infantry, Recons and Paratroopers play on an Assault-type map with one attack line (as opposed to 2 lines in the regular Assault mode)
    4. Quick Battle – The quickest battle based on all factions and classes you control.

    New Progression window

    • New Progression screen is now shown every time a player levels up
    • The screen shows current progression and unlocks as well as what to expect next
    • More iterations will come for this screen
    • Deploy Menu Streamlined

    • Deploy menu simplification with auto-deploy by default. (Hit Space-bar to cancel) and hotkey setup

    New Vehicles

    • sdkfz 251 for GE Infantry – swapped with the old Sdkfz 250-3 (Players will get the old model and skins replaced with the new ones)
    • Sdkfz 250-3 Moved to GE Recon from GE Infantry
    • M20 Armoured Utility Car – US Recon vehicle

    Other Improvements

    • Tank Turret sound and logic updated
    • Moved kettenkrad unlock for GE Recon from lvl 5 to lvl 7, to make room for new recon vehicles
    • Added unlocks for 2 new recon vehicles to chauffeur ribbon
    • Added specialist ribbons for 2 new recon vehicles
    • Added Attackers/Defenders amount on Capture & Hold objective icons
    • AI soldiers now have a new icon above them
    • Steam PC cafe enabled
    • Korean localization added

    Bug Fixes

    • Gunshot sounds are no longer cut off too harsh on distance
    • Weapon reload sounds are no longer coming from the wrong direction
    • M36 Engine sound balance issue is fixed
    • M36 Engine sound is no longer identical to M18 Hellcat engine sound
    • SU-100: Engine start-up sound now transitions well to idle
    • Your own footsteps are not too loud anymore compared to other sounds
    • M18 Hellcat is no longer emitting a high pitch sound when moving
    • Fixed terrain texture artifacts on Assault maps for DX10 graphics cards
    • Vehicle bumping sound is no longer too loud over long distances
    • Fixed unexpected low-LoD black doors near Nissen huts at O1

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