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  • 1.13.2 – New Fighter Planes

    27.02.2019 17:24 Uhr

    Das neue Heroes and Generals Update beinhaltet neue mittlere Flieger, eine überarbeitete Karte und weitere kleine Verbesserungen:

    • FOCKE-WULF Fw 190 D9
    • Added option to disable hit indicator
    • Crates and weapons are now highlighted when you get close. Crates, weapons and vehicles pulse highlight if they are the ones that are triggered when you press Use Button (Default: E)
    • Added option to disable Highlight
    • Removed the ability to undeploy unless you are on the ground or in a vehicle
    • Parachute falling sound added
    • Enabled PBR on all maps
    • Various performance optimizations
    • Terrain Clutter draw distance tweaks
    • Reduced light leaking from shadows
    • new Layout Mountain Town:
    1. O2 spawn area has been moved further away from O2
    2. More buildings have been added to block line of sight of to the deploy area
    3. The ground behind the deploy area and all mountains in the game play area have been lowered, to prevent spawn camping
    4. Lowered Mountain behind O1
    5. Lowered Mountains on E and A attack line
    6. O2 spawn area has been moved further away from O2
    7. Added new roads
    8. Added more forest around starting area B1
    9. Lowered mountains at B attack line
    10. Moved spawn location at O1 away from E-attack line
    11. Lowered D2 hill for easier driving
    12. Reduced capture area of O1
    13. Removed coal piles at O1 and O2


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