Forum Battlefield V ALARM - unser BF V Februar Update erscheint
  • ALARM - unser BF V Februar Update erscheint

    12.02.2019 18:10 Uhr

    Werte Kameraden, dreht den Volksempfänger auf und lauschet den zahlreichen Verbesserungen. Dies alles kommt natürlich ausschliesslich der deutschen Seite zuteil, so frohlocket.

    Wie üblich die ausführlichen Patchnotes auf 8 Seiten als PDF:

    Der Patch erscheint morgen vormittag, den 13.2.2019 !

    Wad kütt denn nu, so reden sie doch endlich Herr Landser! Gerne auszugsweise:

    • 4er Co-Op Modus Combined Arms, Feb 13
    • Eine neueGrand Operation, Feb 21
    • This update includes further optimizations to DXR ray tracing performance and introduces NVIDIA DLSS to Battlefield V, which uses deep learning to improve game performance while maintaining visual quality. (Für RTX-Karten)
    • Netcode / TTK /TTD Improvements
    • Improved the visual replication of projectiles. This will ensure a more consistent directional damage feedback and will increase the accuracy of directional hit indicators.
    • Added a new system that will ensure consistency between TTK (Time to Kill) and TTD (Time to Death) regardless of the network performance issues (high latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.) encountered by players. With this change, the damagesequence from first bullet to last bullet hit will always properly be paced over time and will avoid bundling of damage (super-bullets)
    • Made several improvements to vaultable object detection.
    • Diverse Fahrzeug-Verbesserungen
    • Increased the velocity and drag of all tank shells. The shells travel faster in short encounters buthave similar ballistic curves and velocity at distance. This makes tank fights at mid range feel more powerful and immediate, without enabling tank sniping at long range.
    • Increased the armor value of heavy tanks by 25% against tank cannons. The Tiger and Churchill were outmatched by upgraded medium tanks, and generally were not survivable enough against threats to justify their lower speed and maneuverability.
    • Increased the damage of all tank shells versusinfantry by 12%. This should make the tank shells properly lethal against infantry who are crouched, prone, or sprinting.
    • Slightly reduced the splash damage of the PIAT against infantry, especially at close ranges.
    • Verbesserungen in Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
    • Disabled placement of Spawn Beacons under water
    • Fixed an issue where Ammo and Health crates could sometimes fall through the game world. (Ne, wad schön...endlich)
    • Shotguns werden entschärft. Increased two-hit kill range to 30 m (was 25 m)andincreased one headshot kill range to 50 m (was 35 m) when using the Solid Slug specialization
    • When a squad leader with a squad tries to join a full serverand ends up in the server queue, the squad will now follow the squad leader if they choose to leave the queue and join another server.
    • Bugfixing und Verbesserungen auf diversen Maps
    • Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements

    Wer alles lesen möchte, Glotzen auf und ab ins PDF tauchen.

    Wir sehen uns in BF V!

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