Forum Naval Action Patch 10.4 ist raus! Änderung am Conquest System, Battle Groups und Blueprints hinzugefügt!
  • Patch 10.4 ist raus! Änderung am Conquest System, Battle Groups und Blueprints hinzugefügt!

    18.07.2017 08:46 Uhr

    Ein neuer Patch erschien gestern für Naval Action mit so einigen Neuerungen und Veränderungen.
    So wurden die Conquest Mechaniken komplett geändert und eine neue Art von Gruppe, die sogenannten Battle Groups, hinzugefügt.
    Ebenso sind nun die Blueprints einiger Schiffe wieder in das Spiel integriert worden, wie z.B. der Niagara und der Wappen von Hamburg.
    Alle Neuerungen weiter unten im Original.


    Hier die Patch Notes (ab hier in Englisch):

    What's new:

    • Conquest mechanics changed.
      • Conquest marks converted to combat marks at 10 combat per conquest mark
      • New mark added - Victory Mark (pve server will receive a combat mark to victory mark conversion)
      • Victory mark will be granted for map wins (not port battles) using the legacy system (old control will move to the next round)
      • The whole nation (captains who logged in during last 14 days) will receive a victory mark if their nation wins the map
      • Map is won by the nation having largest number of conquest points. 
      • Points are received from 3 sources:
        • port control - nation gets 1 point for most ports, 3 points for important ports:
          • Santo Domingo
          • Cartagena de Indias
          • San Juan
          • Port au prince
          • San Iago
          • Morgan Bluff
          • Vera Cruz
          • Campeche
          • Nouvelle Orleans
          • Bridge town
          • Road Town
        • wins - nation gets 1 point per win
        • losses - nation loses 2 points per port loss
        • This reduces the incentives for port trading as you lose a lot more points by trading ports
          • Current map win cycle is set at 1 week for testing
    • New group type added - Battle Group
      • If battle group is attacked only battle group is pulled into battle 
      • If battle group attacks only battle group is pulled into battle 
      • If attacked by another Battle group BR checked between battle groups only
      • Battle group size - up to 25 ships
      • Important - all allies who are not in a battle group will only be able to join using reinforcement circles
    • PVP combat mark rewards increased significantly
    • Invisibility now has a speed buff and allows you to ignore wind
    • We added a possibility to review the ship that you just boarded in the inspect ship interface 
    • Combat news channel added allowing you to see whats going on in pvp right now
    • Admiralty pvp daily leaderboard added - showing top 15 captains by pvp kills 
    • The pull circle has moved to defender as an experiment
    • Fleet ships will now be pulled to outlaw battle
    • We have brought the ability for the clan creator to transfer the creator (founder) status to another person
    • We have added the ability for officers to promote other members to officers
    • Clan warehouse expansion is added
    • Blueprint and permit changes
      • Blueprints of Rattlesnake heavy, Ingermanland, Niagara, Wappen von Hamburg have been added to game (they all require permits that were added to the admiralty as well for victory marks)
      • Ocean, Santisima and Pavel permits are now available for victory marks
      • Bucentaure, 3rd rates and HMS Victory permits are available for combat marks

    Fixed bugs:

    • Fix the bug which did not trade the ship you were trading to your counterparty (thanks to Banished Privateer)
    • Finally fixed the bug with random teleports in the world
    • Fixed the bug when the player could be present both in the OW and the battle instance
    • Fixed the bug which randomly removed the player from the open world if he Alt F4 during exit from battle
    • Fixed the bug which did not update the Open world speed if the fleet was dismissed
    • Fixed a ship duplication exploit (thanks to Banished Privateer)


    • Agamemnon now requires shipyard lvl 2
    • NPC no longer can gain hostility by sinking other NPCs
    • Tow to port does not tow you to county capitals anymore (to fix the potential PB expoit). It sends you to common deep water port, but excludes county capitals
    • Ships sink a bit longer 
    • Permit prices were rebalances slightly
    • Trincomalee side HP and thickness was buffed slightly
    • NPCs no longer sail rattlesnakes, Niagaras and Ingermanlands
    • War supplies can now get 100% hostility 
    • Removed the outdated ability to leave the battle for the side with large BR difference

    After this patch is stabilized we will be starting to work on Unity 5 transfer .

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